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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jordan & Allie

Jordan is my little brother who is all grown up now and Allie is his sweet girlfriend. We headed to Collierville square to get some couple shots because they had been wanting some. They were good sports and endured the freezing cold weather to get some great shots!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Michelle's Maternity Session

I just love love love taking maternity pictures! Probably because I'm obsessed with babies and I'm so fascinated with the fact that they grow inside a mothers belly. It amazes me to watch the movement of the belly as the baby wiggles around inside waiting patiently to be set free into the world. Simply fancinating...
This past weekend I took Michelle Waddell's maturnity pictures. Her and her husband Scott were a lot of fun! We took pictures in the studio and at Audubon park across the street from my house. We talked through email a lot before the sessions and she stressed that she wanted the belly to be the main focus, of course, throughout the session.  So I asked her to bring some props and I had some as well and we had a lot of fun playing up her little belly.  We had a lot of fun prop shots but we also had a lot of simple shots as well.

We just went prop crazy but I love it! We had tons of fun and made some super cute pics!

After we headed over to Audobon Park to get some pics outside. I chose I more warm vintagy style for these.

Hope you've enjoyed!  Thanks to Colton for being a good sport!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Storey Family

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.

-- Anthony Brandt

Saturday I took pictures for the Storey Family. They are a sweet little family who I have had the priveledge of photographing .  Amber is a friend I have known since high school and we both graduated together at Bartlett High School. She first came to me in November and asked me to take maturnity pics of her and her little family.  We took some sweet belly pictures and then headed over to Memorial Gardens to get some family pics.

Little baby Savannah was born in January and so Amber came to me a few weeks ago and asked if we could get together and do another family session now that Savannah was here.
These are just a sneak peek of the family session in the A|Nabs Studio.

I love this family interaction as big brother Brody tickles baby Savannah.

Sweet little Brody and a mothers love.

Love this one of baby Savannah and mommy!

Sweet Little fam!

Mommy and Savannah

Daddy's little girl

Brody and Daddy, one of my favorites

He's such a good big brother

Savannah was such a good little baby but she wanted her peace and we kept moving her, she didnt like that too much but who does!

Sweet baby Savannah

Friday, February 5, 2010

Saturday Church Service for Young Adults

So it came as an idea from Grant Nixon to come up with a Saturday night service specifically geared towards young adults.  He noticed there was a lack of fellowship and community within the church between young adults.  There are things are things out there for the youth and things out there for the older generations, but not much with our generations.  This idea came at a perfect time in my life and Jamie's.  We have been saying for a while that the church has just not met our needs spiritually. We do go to a young marrieds class at Christ Church Bartlett but we never go to the big church.  I just feel like I never get much out of it when I leave.  We were starting to wonder if we needed to change churches but we felt torn. Grant came in and told us about this vision he had for a Saturday night service at Christ Church Arlington.  This service is to create community with people our age; its a place we can come together and grow. I'm really excited about this because now we feel like we don't have to leave our young marrieds class.  Before, God was also tugging on me and Jamie's heart to serve in the church but we just didn't know what we were supposed to do.  God brought this idea in and now we are able to volunteer.  I have been given the opportunity to serve with my talent in photography.  I was able to go out last week and get some shots of the band playing, who by the way are incredible! They will be the band for Saturday Night Service and I'm so excited about what they are gonna bring to this... God is Good! Please check out the website ccsaturdaynights.org for more information about the service.  It is not just for Christ Church people, it is meant for anyone and everyone who is a young adult and looking for fellowship, worship, and a place to grow.

Peace and God's Love! 

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