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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

I think it's funny I'm writing a blog at 2 am in the morning but I'm wide awake and full of energy so I'm going to tell you about my weekend...I rented a lens from lensrentals because I knew it was going to be a perfect weekend for it, im sure glad I did! I captured some great memories this weekend with my family. I just love spending time with my family, its the greatest feeling in the world when you can just sit back and enjoy and delight in the company of ones you love. We went over to "ma" and "bubs" house (thats jamies parents) on Friday and watched my nephews Ben and Will decorated eggs and then after Will wanted to have a practice Easter egg hunt before the big hunt on Sunday.
Aha....found one!
Ben loved hunting Easter eggs but after a while he just wanted to take his pants off and play in the dirt. I didn't blame him, it was getting a little hot out.

On Saturday, me and Jamie headed over to Lagrange,Tn to go visit my side of the family. We got there a little early and I got to spend some time with my nanny and her big ole'cat for a little bit while Jamie and my pawpaw headed off on the golf cart some where.
After everyone arrived we ate and laughed and just talked and enjoyed each other. It was a great day. I especially loved seeing my newest little 2nd cousin Brayden. He will melt your heart, that little guy.
I am so blessed to have a wonderful family in my life.........God is so great! 

......I end with the beauty God gives us,all around us....

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  1. i love your pictures! you are so talented... why on earth would that little boy's mother let him go around with no pants on??


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