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Saturday, November 13, 2010

::Tara Staton Workshop::

Last weekend I attended Tara Staton's Workshop. This was my first workshop and I loved it! She is such a talented photographer and had so much knowledge and insight to share with us. I learned so much and am going to start to put that into practice. I have taught myself everything I know about photography and although I have learned a lot over the past couple years from my obsessive googling and youtubing,  there were still some basic things about the business and tips that I still didn't know.  I was grateful to be able to attend and learn some new things I didn't know and also for once to see another photographer in action and see how there process is from start to finish. 
Here are some of my favorite images from the workshop.  I learned some new things in photoshop and wanted to try it out on these photos.  I wanted to add some frames to my photos as well to give them kind of an edge. Still not sure what I think about the frames, but just testing them out.  Let me know what you think of the style of the photos ;)






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