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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Darren-Blues Musician

About a month ago I shot blues singer and guitarist Darren J Fallas. He is part of the blues group Darren J and Blackkat Bone. I was so excited when he contacted and ask about shooting some artistic shots with him and his guitars.  I have never really shot any kind of musical talents before so I thought this would be interesting and I got stirred up with many great ideas.  Darren was such a pleasure to work with and was flowing with musical talent.  Go check him out at http://www.darrenj.com/ . 

I used this blue filter, I thought it was only appropriate with his "blues" background and its awesome!

I told him to just do his thing and I caught a natural moment while he was playing his guitar

Upclose and in the moment

I think my husband said something funny and I caught Darren laughing and out of his serious pose, I had to snap a shot. It turned out to be one of my favorites.

We headed over to A|Nabs Studio after the outside shots and got some shots inside for Darren to use for promotional stuff

I love capturing these moments

I lowered my shutter speed on this and asked him to do his thing, my intention here was to capture his hands in action playing.

This was an experiment of lighting, it remind me of scarface but it came out pretty interesting I thought.

Last but not least....until next time! Have a Blessed night!

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