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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My new favorite thing---Iphone editing

Ever since I got my new iPhone, I have found some very cool apps that let you do editing on your phone pictures like you would a picture on your computer. Some of my favorites I use are the PS Mobile, Genius, and Camera Bag. These are just to name a few of my 72 that I have on my iPhone( ok a little exaggeration, but close to it). Here are a few of my favorite creations that have come about from these editing applictions. Hope you enjoy!

This is my aunts dog, he was heavily sedated on our ride to tx. He has to be or he doesnt do well.  It made for a good pic because he let me do what I wanted with him.

This was taken is oregon as we were whipping past a field in my dads truck, I reached out my arm and snapped a pic with my phone.

This was taken on an airplane, on my flight back from Seattle. It's almost as if you can walk out onto the clouds. Amazing view!

A light was casting a shadow onto my keyboard one day while I was working, made for an intereting pic.

I was babysitting and playing with these blocks when I decided to get creative.

Feeding time at the botanic gardens, probably one of my favorite things.

The colors in this are just captivating!

Savannah is one of the liitle girls I babysit, she is fearless! I just love this pic of her, one of my favorites.

Will and Jess at the dinner table while will is playing ds, it's his awesome new toy. This captures a family moment.


My nephew Ben stole my scarf away like he steals heart.


Taber begging, what she does best around the dinner table

Ole leronkis, he one crazy boy

                                        How can anyone say no to this sweet wittle face?

Celeste, savannahs sister, is hilarious, always making me laugh! I caught her looking out the window it was a sweet moment I captured.

This is the sweetest picture in the world!

Hope you have enjoyed! Until next time... Peace out

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